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Hosico provides production machining of all metals with a speciality in light metals and exotic materials including high tech polymers. Services include –

• Post Machining of Aluminium Castings to high tolerances
• Post Machining of Injection Moulded Components to military specifications
• CNC Controlled Milling, Turning, Thread Tapping , Boring, Slotting

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• Corona Treatment
• Burnishing
• Bead and Sand Blasting
• Anodizing
• Chromate Conversion
• Chemical Etching
• Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation
• Peening
• Polishing
• Surface Grinding
• Engraving
• Electroplating
• Isotropic Finishing for AM Components
• Powder Coating

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Hosico provides a wide range of surface coatings to meet biomedical and military specifications

• Wet spray painting
• Chemical Vapour Deposition
• Electrophoretic Deposition
• Sputter Deposition
• Printing processes
• R.F. Shielding
• Germ Shield Coating for Biomedical Applications
• Seal and Peal Coating
• Powder Coating

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Hosico maintains a comprehensive warehousing, packing and shipping facility to suit the most demanding global customers for airfreight and containerised sea transport. Clients for biomedical, high security, military, and high value manufactured components, provide unique traceability, packing and shipping challenges; all of which Hosico meets with a minimum of fuss.

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