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Hosico is an Australian owned and operated company founded by Fritz Hof in 1977. The company has developed into a world leading integrated provider of manufacturing solutions to complex customer problems. Servicing a diversity of clients and applications from its 9695 m² (2.4 acre) engineering facility in Braeside, Melbourne, Hosico continues to offer complete design and project management capability.

Hosico has built an impressive and enviable reputation as a world class supplier of precision light metal and injection moulded components. These components are built to exacting quality standards and are delivered on time, and within budget, around the world.


“Together We Achieve.”

Hosico has achieved ISO9001 (2015) certification, thereby ensuring that its quality, engineering and production systems and processes are audited to international standards. Located in Braeside, in Melbourne’s South East, Hosico offers a range of manufacturing services across the following disciplines:

• Plastic injection moulding
• Additive Manufacturing
• 3D Printing of high tech materials
• High Pressure Die Casting, Gravity and Sand Casting
• CNC machining of light alloys and exotic materials
• Tool making and design
• Military and Biomed specifications
• Material and component validation
• Design and proof of manufacture: beta trial product build
• Small run capability
• Part design and prototyping
• Manufacturing batch traceability
• 3D Scanning and Solid Modelling
• Structured light metrology
• Robotic part handing
• Automated visual inspection
• Non-destructive testing


Founded in 1977, Hosico is an integrated provider of pragmatic solutions to complex manufacturing problems.

Today, Hosico’s key staff collectively possess over two hundred and fifty man-years of experience, enabling them to provide high value engineering outcomes to clients and end users alike in a range of markets and application environments. Postgraduate engineering capability, access to PhD-qualified engineers, and practical experience designing and producing a diverse range of products, enable Hosico to drive innovation in manufacturing across a wide section of the global commercial landscape. Hosico has recognised experience in fields as diverse as defence, bio medical, high security, HVAC, electronic entertainment, as well as with general industrial products and solutions. Hosico believes that past experience can result in innovation in a new area of application.

Product design and validation, polymer selection and moulding, casting, metrology, production automation, including customised robotics, batch traceability, quality systems, and clean room assembly are all at the core of Hosico’s success. Whatever the technology employed, it is Hosico’s unrivalled tenacity that allows it to meet every engineering challenge with a technically appropriate and commercially sustainable solution.

Hosico has remained at the forefront of its market since foundation. Its continued focus on improvement, new technology, best-in-class and, where required, “cutting edge” engineering methodologies adapted to complex volume manufacture, will continue to see Hosico service its diverse client base now and in the future.

Engineering, technical excellence, trust and integrity are at the core of Hosico’s DNA; when you engage Hosico to deliver a manufacturing outcome for your company, be assured that you are in trusted hands.

Core Competency Statement

Why Choose Us

Hosico’s engineering capability draws from over two hundred and fifty man years of experience in outcomes associated with the manufacture of high value, complex products and components for a wide range of customers globally. Hosico is structured to ensure that its customers are able to benefit from this experience, before, during, and after the product has been delivered.

With highly trained engineers, designers and operators, Hosico can assist with product design from the initial concept through tooling design, component prototyping, manufacturing, validation, assembly and packing, to produce quality finished products that are market ready. Not only can Hosico make it, but we can manage the logistics of packing and shipping globally.

By offering light metal, polymer and composite material solutions, complete product assembly services, packing and shipping, Hosico can satisfy demanding manufacturing needs at varying scales.

Partner with Hosico

Hosico works closely with its clients in the development of product specification, design for manufacture review, as well as maintaining a keen eye on the budget. A mature appreciation of commercial reality combined with nearly forty years of manufacturing excellence, is a powerful combination, ensuring best-in-class product delivery to cost. Hosico is committed to leading the market when it comes to innovation, new technology and process application, as well as maintaining a forensic focus on validation and review. Trusted by the military and large, regulated, biomedical customers around the world to manufacture complex products and solutions, you know that with Hosico as your partner you are in the very best of hands.


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Light Metals

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