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Hosico has developed a reputation with the Australian defense force establishment as a provider of ingenuous manufacturing solutions to complex problems. Hosico’s unique blend of creative engineering design skills, a deep understanding of materials science and traditional craft skills in tool making, have now brought Hosico to international attention. Hosico’s ability to substitute light weight, durable polymer components for heavier, less reliable metal components provides windows of opportunity to re-engineer a wide range of military hardware.

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Hosico services makers of biomedical tools, measuring instruments and therapeutic devices across Australia, North America and Europe. Combining production of light weight metal and polymer components with clean room assembly, including integration of sophisticated electronics modules, Hosico offers the bio medical industry a unique set of design, engineering and production skills under one roof.

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Hosico’s world class engineering design and materials technology team works hand in hand with the craftspeople in toolmaking and production to provide solutions for multinational corporations operating in the fire and security sector. Delivering fully assembled and tested components and products to may ports worldwide is a differentiating aspect of doing business with Hosico.

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Hosico is able to provide a full design, materials selection, prototyping, toolmaking and volume production service to produces of products requiring high quality light metal components and assemblies. Sophisticated surface finishing of light metal components combined with clean room assembly facilities see Hosico servicing military equipment, biomedical, fire & security and other manufacturers of high security products.

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Hosico has experience in providing hardware products to the electronic entertainment industry. Using its design and development capabilities Hosico can provide solutions via die-casting or injection molding of high-tech components that are integral to the development of new-age electronic offerings.

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Lighting products have experienced significant enhancement in terms of quality and durability. Hosico is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to the advancement in lighting technologies on behalf of a number of customers in this industry. This includes metal die-casted flood lights for the heavy duty mining industry.

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Hosico has dedicated design and development facilities, that enable it to produce custom made products to a variety of general industrial markets, utilizing its strong design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities for the irrigation, water dispensers and water movement (pumps) markets.

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